Thursday, November 1, 2007

Can Equality be justified

I wanted to start this blog for a long time ... It’s totally a different controversy y i didnt :) So here goes nothing ..
Recently I read this article in Times of India about James Watson, co-discoverer of the DNA double-helix.
His most recent comment that he is “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really”, There it goes the first topic for this blog : Is the Universe programmed to be equal

So what does this scientist has to say "Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so." So when we say that every1 will get equal opportunity, everyone has some skill less or more, ultimately we are all born equal etc etc ...give it a second thought.

Its more than agreed that females are physically less strong than male counterparts [feminists : no offence meantt ]. Can it be not true that some section of society cannot be more smart than other? Few people would never be able to do what others can?. We are not born equal?. In this case is it justified to have equal opportunities for all ? Off course there are exceptions... China[wrestler] can beat most of the men I have met ...

The topic isn’t about men and women , scientists .. The idea is to find Is equality justified?

Friends please give your views..


Clueless said...

pick up any scripture and Ull get ample proof that no two humans are born equal, every1 is capable of something that no other human is capable of..

if ur a bhagvad gita reader., Ull call this destiny and talk about the 4sects of society as explained by Gita,n likewise..

U so wantd to say this but U somehow dint and I cant figure out why.
"the inequality I talk off here is the intellectual one and none other!!"

Clueless said...

i can write a comment bigger than ur post explainin the same.
,but that wudn be just :P

P1 said...

Hey clueless.. u r the first member who replied to my blog [off course u also encouraged me to write .. ].. thnx 4 that :)

I guess the inequality you are referring to is about "2 individuals can never be identical"..something like that .. I am trying to check can we stereotype people say a section of society .. locality etc[as i mentioned about men and women ] .. and is it justified to do that .. if yes ,shouldn't our social policies be designed taking that into account .. we still assume that every1 should have equal opportunity etc,etc... Is that flawless? .

clueless wrote "i can write a comment bigger than ur post explainin the same.
,but that wudn be just :P"
.. I am sure u and many others can write it bigger and better than what i wrote .. but what i want is the discussion to flow without trying to reach any conclusion .. good if we can reach any ..
and yes it would be justified if u wanna write a bigger comment .. no probs with that .. I ll surely get to learn . Many ppl suggested that the post was a bit confusing.. may be the discussions to follow would make things clear..

Ashwin said...

Clearly people aren't born equal, but assuming equality and in turn providing equal opportunity is likely to bring out the best in their 'unequal' talents/traits. It is hard for someone to give it all, if they are told they are unequal (lesser/greater) than someone, and also, when 2 people are equal, what are parameters are you comparing them on? Its too hazy, ain't it?

P1 said...

ashwin write
"Clearly people aren't born equal, but assuming equality"
see any contradiction in that statement .. thats where I am saying the things arent right ... Is Equality a universal Law?

Yes it hazy.. but we should not stop doing something because its hazy .. Equality is simple .. Inequality is not ...
You support equality .. you are neutral .. you don face opposition
you promote inequality ..ppl would definitely oppose you even though you might be correct. The point is ..are we /should we accept Inequality??

sameer said...

well i think that due to global slowdown in economy, u have become spiritual

P1 said...

yeah .. that looks like a gr8 opportunity place for me :P