Saturday, November 3, 2007

Veg or Non-Veg

It's impossible that you are in India and you don't land up into controversy called Veg or Non-Veg.
People have different opinions about eating veg or non-veg food, influenced mainly by caste , taste, nourishment , violence etc. I ll try to give opinions that I have come across :

Against Non-Veg
1] Cruelty to animals.
2] Man is a herbivorous
3] No killing for food.
4] Few say we cannot withstand bloodshed
5] Even if plants are killed they at least don't cry loud ... I know a weired one :) ... Many eggetirians fall in this category
6] religion prohibits ..... again baseless I feel for obvious reasons..

For Non-Veg
1] Is nutritious
2] Plants also get killed in Veg food ... so no big deal in killing animals
3] These animals are specially bred for killing
4] People who eat don't actually kill them and if they stop eating a large amount of people get unemployed .. I think this is baseless ... this way if you curb terrorism a lot of terrorists would get unemployed :)
5] In some places vegetation is scant .. so people have to eat meat. [I guess these people are exempt from controversy... though there is surely some controversy in it evident from this blog's Title :) ...we can ignore that from the time being.. ]

I have found no one yet who oppose eating veg food completely .. I mean a purely non-vegetarian human :) .. though i am sure such specimen would surely exist...

All in all .. this is no doubt a controversial issue... but we have to accept some of these points to make our own theory to conclude which type of diet you wanna follow and then change the theory as you agree to others opinions :) .. Bon Appetite


Clueless said...

milk is no veg is wat science taught us in school.,
n that is wat arouses controversy to me..

its shouldn be a controversy if U accept simple classification done by science

non - veg : anything derived from animals, simple as that..!!

n ya,
there are a few more observations.,
a very logical one.

:: I dont eat non veg cuz human body is not made for it, our intestines take 3days to digest non veg food, so for the health reason I stay away from it.

:: being in a country like India, the geographic location, the climate weather n everything dont allow us to eat non veg, it doesnt suit the body n is not needed either.,

Arnold said...

I'm probably the closest you've come to meeting a "pure meat-eater" yet, huh?

P1 said...

This topic isn't about what can be classified as veg or non-veg .. yes even i accept that anything derived from plant source is veg...

... as u said human body is not meant for it.. there are many ppl who r in perfect health eating non-veg .. I guess a biological student can affirm that whether a human body is meant for it or not.. good point though abt the digestion stuff..
I had also come across one weired one " that carnivorous are the ones who lick while drinking [i.e. they drink by tongue ]" I don know how true is this classification .. so even that way a man is herbivorous..

@arnold : u r surely one who is a close contender..

Snigdha Shevade said...
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