Sunday, January 13, 2008

BoSS ... I QUIT!!

Shyam joined a very famous MNC with dreams of a fabulous carrier ahead. After joining he wasn't quite satisfied with the work that was given to him but he found that was true with every other geek in town :), so he decided to stick to his basic principles of working hard and trying to make a place in the crowd. His project manager Anaswamy was happy to get a hardworking and intelligent resource like him who started taking many responsibilities too early for his age. He slogged like a dog and always thought would get a bite of that juicy bone for sure. Nevertheless the managers had no rights to give him any perks. Project was on budget freeze and client was driving life out of them like always. Shyam saw others leaving the job, changing it for a higher pay better opportunities but he thought his team would give him chance to grow for sure. However , the manager had other plans. Their job was to get things done at minimal cost and that’s what he was doing. So after all the frustration Shyam decided to change his job. Furiously he announced that to his Managers etc and there it was!. Suddenly Anaswamy started offering him different opportunities. He started agreeing to all those demands which once he had claimed were absurd. Company started appreciating that he was one of the best performers blah blah blah . In short every one got into the retention mode with false promises being thrown at him .
Now lets look at this from Anaswamy's point of view. He got a resource called Shyam who was hard working and ready to take challenges . He loaded him with work and Shyam performed without slightest hesitation, skipping meals slogging like a DOG!. Anaswamy could have thought of letting him few performance bonus may be some more perks but everything would cost him something. And Shyam was working hard anyways , so why should he not keep the perks for other unsatisfied souls who had a problem. Isn't Anaswamy supposed to do that , Management is about getting things done remember!. Also if he proposes more money to client he ll have to make a justifying case for that and fight with the client . Why should he commit such a crime ! and Anaswamy has already learnt IF ITS NOT BROKEN DON'T FIX IT .

Finally Shyam quits and finds a new Anaswamy but for better pay and better opportunities. Anaswamy finds a new Shyam for his project and they live happily ever after :)
SHYAM's story is a story of millions of unstaisfied souls around us . Shyam should have not accepted the job right in the first place if he was not satisfied . Anaswamy should have played a fair game but he hardly had choices . He was hired to play the cunning game. Everyone wanted to wait and watch and start playing only when required. These are the rules of the game.
BoSS .. I QUIT!! Ever wondered what this 3 words can do to your career .. They can build a whole lot of opportunities at your footstep but you should know when to use them.
In these scheme of things I guess its very controversial to tag ,any threat of changing a job from an employee or tactics of mean managers to retain them , as right or wrong . I guess in today’s world EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN WORK AND WAR:)

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