Friday, April 11, 2008

Reservation .. a birth right ?

2 years back there was this wide agitation against the reservation policy adopted by the Union. People cried loud about this foul game . Opposition on streets, in colleges, in side library , in living room everywhere . And as usual heat cooled off and Life goes on ..

Lets take it from the people's prospective . Most of us agree:
1] Opportunities should be based on merit
2] If required reservation should be based on income/financial stature
3] There should be a free system, Darwin would come to the rescue of the society.

Clearly we all agree that if there is inequality it can never be eradicated by providing inequality in the other direction!

So why the hell were these ministers so bent on going against the majority ? was there a tincture of correctness that the law was passed . Lets think of these points wrt those mentioned above:

1] For merit being the deciding factor , isn't it necessary that there should be equal opportunities right in the first place. How is a child studying in a municipality school with unstable family and tethered self confidence supposed to compete with the one who is trained in an international school

2] Income as per me comes very close to be the best candidate for reservation . But in the real society there is always a bias wrt to people from the same state , same caste , same community etc . And many decisions in the real world are based on the community thinking and the truth is that there are actually few communities who are underdeveloped and the entire community needs a raise .

3] In a free system not only does the fittest survive but also the weak dies. And normally the weak attacks first out of insecurity ... clearly the weak part of the society would turn to improper means to survive.

There's a major consensus that reservations should not be on caste and it only remains as a false solution to the problem . Supreme court yesterday gave away a way 20 additional 27% reservation which ll make the reservations in institutions as high as 49% .. ha ha .. does that make any sense . If you are trying to create an equal opportunity place , how can minority have 49% res ? The entire point of these people being minority is that their strength can no where be close to 49% !! .. and if they are 49% then they can by no means be minor !! ..
I don't think political parties have so much influence on supreme court decision . I have not found a single person who was able to explain the logistics behind this !!
Moreover if this is a vote bank strategy , why would a party screw majority and give provisions for minority . Then I should say that the majority is sleeping and democracy is being fed to dogs .. All I can say is , Use your voting right properly and teach lessons to these useless politicians ...


Sam said...

Well to think about the majority, i think if we consider the OBC and others combine will be the majority!!

Consider this till recently Sardars in Punjabs were considered under minority group in the state!!!

P1 said...

yeah .. there is some confusion on who is OBC from which state.
Every state has its own OBC list. I tried to use RTI but was not able to ..
anyways the point is dividing on basis of caste simply because you don have financial info of families is a false way of distinguishing people ...