Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Peene walo ko peene ka bahana chahiye ..

Ever been to a social gathering and faced the question "Do you drink ?" , I am stuck in it almost every time .. mostly the question I face is " You don drink !!!" and I am confused how to answer that ... because it leads to a series of questions ...most of the time my answer is "hamein nashe ki jaroorat nahi" [ha ha ]

So seriously people sometimes I think why is drinking considered a social taboo in India though India has a tradition where the kings used to take in madira !! . Alcohol consumption is acceptable to common in most parts of the world and is essential in almost 30-50 % of world population !! .. Many cannot imagine celebration without it and remaining can't imagine mourning without it !! ... Also alcohol of consumed in right amount would get washed away from ur body so not a big health hazard as such if taken in moderation .. off course anything that not taken in moderation is gonna harm you and so is alcohol !! . I agree that there is nothing healthy in it to consume but so is the case with french fries and fast food !! .. Apparently alcohol is placed in a very different category atleast in India whereas some cultures alcohol is gifted at occasions!! .

On the other hand I wonder how people get addicted to it knowing that you ll get addicted to it !! ... and sometimes I wonder why do people like to get high !! .. isn't it a state of partial unconsciousness !! ..and if being unconscious by drinking is good ..... y do most of them think doping is bad !! So whats the hype around being high and celebrating with alcohol !! The only thing that comes out good from it is it creates a big industry in itself and hence leads to growth !!

This is what the wiki has to say :
"Although the type of alcohol, social attitude toward (and acceptance of) drinking varies around the world, nearly every civilization has independently discovered the process of brewing beer, fermenting wine or distilling liquor.
Alcohol and its effects have been present wherever people have lived throughout history. Drinking is documented in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, Greek literature as old as Homer, and Confucius' Analects. Given its continuing popularity and the failure of alcohol Prohibitions, drinking may remain a part of human life interminably."
Irrespective of whatever the opinion is ... those who like to drink would always say "Thodi si jo peele hein .. Chori to nahi ki hein !"

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