Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mumbai attacked..

The attack in Mumbai yesterday was a slap on the face of the security and it is clear that the city is completely vulnerable and infiltrated to an unbelievable extent. While people were held as hostage, a warring debate in my hostel was whether the police should go in and wipe off the terrorists and end the continuously increasing feeling of helplessness OR should they wait and tackle the situation and make sure to save as many innocent lives as possible. Inefficiency in rescuing people makes the situation worse, panic spreads and peace cannot be restored till then; at the same time there are no direct demands from terrorists, uncertainty what their intentions are and no guarantee that the rescue operations would succeed. On the other hand a direct attempt to shoot out them would endanger the life of innocent citizens and I feel it is high time that the life of every Indian citizen be given its deserved respect.The terrorist’s attack in Mumbai has exposed the futile security in the city and the virtual illusion of control. Such co-ordinated attacks from within the city are same as the direct army assault to the country. Off course these are the situations which are exposed only if something happens and are never observed when some disasters are avoided and hence it would be totally unfair to comment against the capacity and intelligence of Indian police. However there is a visible lack of sophistication in surveillance and control and the terrorists seem to have a better system in place than the police if they have any. At the same time, I would say the attack was a complete failure and just a drama, since life in Mumbai was restored immediately and people of India would only get more united with such incidents. .I salute those brave policemen who died in their effort and the spirit of Mumbaikars.

The terrorists can create chaos .. may be a little fear but no terror .. its a failed attempt ..just well tried .

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